Emergency Call Out

Emergency Call Out Information - Wainwrights

Please first ask yourself whether your situation is classed as an emergency. An emergency repair is where someone’s life & health are at immediate risk, or there is a serious risk to the property. For example, water coming through your ceiling is an emergency; a dripping tap can wait until our office is open. In an emergency, the tradesperson will leave the property safe and more permanent repairs may be needed later.

Wainwrights out of hours emergency contact number is 07585 476409. Your message will be checked periodically and if it is deemed an emergency we will call you back with a plan of action having organised a tradesperson to attend to the matter.


In the unlikely event that you are unable to contact any of the above, please contact the companies mentioned below.

If you smell gas or lose your gas supply (and you haven’t run out of credit on a pay-as-you-go/prepayment meter), you should immediately contact Cadent on 0800 111999

Wainwrights cannot deal with gas leaks. If you need to know who your supplier is you can find out at Find My Supplier

If you lose your electricity supply (and you haven’t run out of credit on a pay-as-you- go/prepayment meter), you must contact UK Power Networks on 0800 316 3105.  UK Power Networks can also tell you who your supplier is.

It can be inconvenient to have a maintenance problem, but you must not authorise repairs to the property, or incur unauthorised expenses without first gaining permission from Wainwrights or the landlord. Any unauthorised work – or calling out one of our contractors out of hours in a non-emergency – will result in you being charged for the repair.